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Myrtle Beach Message Board Welcome
Myrtle Beach message and discussion board with live chat roomIf you're planning on visiting Myrtle Beach, and have a question about the area you'd like answered by locals or by others who've already been here, then this site is for you.

The group that runs Myrtle Beach Chat is a set of local Myrtle Beach family and friends who volunteer to answer questions we've been asked over the years by people who plan on visiting Myrtle Beach for vacation or are considering moving here.

We also encourage anyone who's visited here to help answer questions that are asked, as most locals don't stay in the hotels like those who vacation here.

We locals do, however, go to the shows, attractions, waterparks, and other fun stuff in the Myrtle Beach area, as we like having a great time too!

Most of us used to live somewhere else, too, so feel free to ask about your concerns if you're thinking about moving here by yourself or with your family.

Ask away people ! If you want the inside local scoop on the gambling boats, the live shows, the traffic and other stuff, post your question and if we cannot answer you, we'll try to find somebody that can.

Click on one of the menu links on the left to get started, and... enjoy !



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