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Re: Do I want to rent or Buy???
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04/01/2009, 09:47:42
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I am relocating to the Myrtle Beach area first of the year. I've got a lot of questions that my real estate agent really dont want to answer. Because I am single with no kids I dont need a big place, but the company I am going to work for is in the heart of Myrtle Beach so I Want to live some what near the heart of the Beach. Ok so for taxes and insurance purposes:
1. Do i need to buy a house or a condo?
2: Does it need to be in MB city limits?
3: Should I look @ surounding cities (i.e Surside, murrell's inlet, North myrtle?
4: If yall think I should rent where is a good location to rent from?
Yall are probably thinking this fool dont have a clue and you are right. Now I live in the upstate of SC in a small town where my property taxes and insurance are not that expensive. When I relocate I want to buy but I really want to find the best area where the taxes and insurance are reasonable. Thanks for all your help!If I were moving to the area this is what I would want to know. If I were going to rent I would rent a condo over a house within Myrtle beach area. The prices are lower and you wont have to do the maintenance thing. ( Mowing grass, Watering lawns, etc.) If I were going to buy. I would Not buy in the city limits of Myrtle Beach. The mayor is in the process of putting the residents of Myrtle in the poor house with tax increases. It will become very apparant how much damage he has done come june when the 2nd half tax receipts come due.You'll be much better off outside the city limits ( garden City,Surfside,Murrells inlet) Good luck !